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WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?! October, 2014 Newsletter

WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?! Newsletter


What happened in September? Anyone?  Okay, here’s the recap!  Sunday, September 7, was the Picnic in the Park event.  There was some door-to-door prep work the day before, and we had a great turnout!  Picnic news:  I hear there was lots of good food and good fellowship.  As I understand it, Pastor Garry and Gary Overpeck won the Corn Hole Tournament!  Did they get a trophy or at least a picture?  Somebody get back to me on that!  Anyway!  Thanks for your hard work to make the outreach a success!  The following Sunday evening was a church fellowship that included our 252 kids and their families.  Lots of good food (again) and good fellowship (again)!  Am I starting to see a pattern here?!  Food, fellowship…I like it!


On to business…Saturday, October 4, will be a church work day from 8:00 a.m. until noon. It’s time to clean the gutters, cover the plants, close the pool…oh, wait!…that’s my house!  Well, I’m sure there are some fall-ish things that need to be done at church, too.  Here’s an idea…let’s show up and find out what those things might be!  See you there!


On Sunday, October 5, is a church council meeting at 8:30 a.m. All committee leaders need to attend in preparation for the business meeting following the morning service.  Yep, you guessed it!  Same day!  Isn’t that convenient?


Pastor Garry is planning another 4-week Membership Information class for anyone who is interested in church membership. There will be a sign-up sheet on the table in the foyer.  The start date hasn’t been decided on yet, but it will be soon.  If you missed it the first time, don’t miss it the second!  Contact Sue or Pastor Garry if you have any questions.


Okay, I want you to take a deep breath and I don’t want you to panic! Okay? Good?  Good!  Guess what time it is?  It’s time to start thinking about Operation Christmas Child!  I know it’s only the beginning of October, but if we start now, we’re not running around crazy trying to pack the boxes the week before it’s time to turn them in!  Trust me!  You’ll thank me later!  The information sheet and instruction pamphlet are on the hall table.  You need one of these, so pick one up.  You also need a shoebox, so check with Regina Overpeck or Donna Leonard about the best boxes to use.  The countdown has begun…we’ve got about 6 weeks to pack them and get them to church.  Last year we collected around 100 boxes.  What should we aim for this year?  Goal challenge, anyone?  I’ve heard a suggestion of 250 boxes…what do you think, Mission team?  Can we do it?  Let’s bring it, people!  Run, do not walk, to get your boxes ready and to be a part of this opportunity to serve kids from around the world!  Are we ready?  Grab those running shoes, stretch it out and breathe!  Don’t forget to breathe!


Y’all already know this…I mean if you’ve lived here for at least one year, you know this. Covered Bridge Festival.  Friday, October 10 through Sunday, October 19.  ‘Nuff said.  Get out there.  Share Jesus.  Love your neighbor.  Be intentional.  See you next month!

Activity Release Form

Beginning this school year, our Insurance provider has required a signed release for each minor (under 18 or Young Adult living with parents) attending offsite events as a group representing our church. If you are bringing guests, they will also need a form signed by parent or guardian. Please download  the form here, print, sign and give to the person in charge of the activity or trip. This form is to be completed once PER TRIP.



The Youth Team @ FBC Rockville

10 Things a Youthworker Should Do When You Have a New Principal…


It’s that time of year again. School is coming soon, Districts are replacing staff as we speak. The county where I live has three High Schools and all three of them have new principals this year. Here are ten things to do as a youthworker to establish the partnership between the ministry and the school. (in no particular order…)

10. Treat them as a “real person”, not just a title.

9. Call/Meet with them and welcome them to the area.

8. Realize that they will not do things the same way as their predecessor, and be ok with that,

7. Offer to be a “guest presenter” to teachers in a department where you have professional expertise.

6. Offer to be a resource for tutoring or mentoring programs in the district

5. Assure them that your goal of being on campus is to invest positive attention into the lives of their students.

4. Offer to be a chaplain to one of the sports programs.

3. Make yourself available for “post-crisis” situations.

2. Stand by any guidelines they give you for your time on campus.

1.  Pray for them. Often.

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Cliff’s Story

On June 29th, in the AM Worship Service, we will have the pleasure of baptizing Cliff Lund. Here is his story…