COVID-19 Updates From FBC Rockville

Dear FBC Family,

I hope you and your family are well and growing through this challenging time.  I miss our time together at the “church building” and am looking forward to when we can meet again in person.  Before we meet in person there are several things to consider as we’re still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Last week we sent out a survey for all of our members and regular attenders to take in regard to how we reopen the church.  The results of the survey have shown several general thoughts about reopening.

  • There is caution about returning too soon - Indiana has not "peaked" yet
  • When we do meet again, there should be no physical touching 
  • Social distancing should still be practiced
  • Hand sanitizer should be made available and used
  • We should limit handouts
  • There are concerns about taking the offering by the normal means of passing the plates
  • There are concerns about taking communion for the same reasons

As a result of the survey and other reports that have been read, we are giving the following guidelines for reopening:

  1. Even though the governor lifted the stay at home order for churches to meet, FBC has not yet set a date to resume normal services. We will go on a week to week basis that considers what is recommended by our government and health officials.
  2. When we do reopen, there will not be Sunday School, Junior Church, or nursery service because of the close interaction our kids are accustomed to and their lack of understanding of social distancing. There will be several rooms for mothers to take their babies by themselves.
  3. When we meet again we will practice social distancing by blocking off every other row of seating in the sanctuary. Within each row we will practice the proper distance between families.
  4. We will practice social distancing before and after worship.
  5. We will avoid handshaking.
  6. We encourage face masks to be worn for both the protection of yourself as well as the protection of others.
  7. Hand sanitizers will be available and you are welcome to bring your own and use it before entering.
  8. There will be no physical bulletins.
  9. We will not pass the offering plates.  There will be containers for dropping in your offering.
  10. We will not pass the communion plates.  We will have the communion elements individually prepared for each person to pick up.

We are treating this situation much like we do inclement weather - if you don't feel safe, please stay home.  You will be respected with whatever choice you make.  Parents will need to talk with their children and help them understand the social distancing necessary for everyone's safety concerns.  We currently do not have the capability to live-stream the video of the service in the fellowship hall.  Therefore, we may have to hold two services until attendance restrictions are lifted.
These guidelines have been prayerfully considered as we are instructed in the Scriptures:
Philippians 2:  
If, then, there is any encouragement in Christ, if any consolation of love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, make my joy complete by thinking the same way, having the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves. Everyone should look not to his own interests, but rather to the interests of others."
With this in mind, I look forward to worshiping together as soon as is prudent and safe.  Please feel free to ask questions.  I’ll continue to send updates as we learn more.
In Christ,
Pastor Garry