We are knee-deep in the busyness that comes with the beginning of a new school year! Make sure to read your weekly announcement emails and bulletins to have the latest and greatest information because…life! Sometimes adjustments need to be made.

On Wednesday, September 5, we will be starting back with our Wednesday night programming for our kiddos. There are a few changes so please read carefully.  TeamKID (Kids in Discipleship) is for children currently in Kindergarten thru 5th grade. You have 3 ways to sign up your kids: (1) Fill out the insert (one for each child) in the bulletin (also can be found on the ‘book table’ in the foyer) and, parents, make sure to write your names and contact information on the back of the form, (2) Go to the church website (fbcrockville.com), scroll down to and click on the TeamKID logo and follow the instructions, (3) Go to the church Facebook page, find the TeamKID post and click on the ‘info’ link. All students will need to be checked in and out at the front desk by a parent or authorized adult (safety first!) and dinner will begin at 5:45pm (15 minutes earlier than years past) and will end promptly at 6:20pm, so make sure you leave plenty of time. All tables and chairs will be put away and the area cleaned up for TeamKID activities to start at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. Mommas and Dads are encouraged to stay and enjoy dinner with their kids.

Also on Wednesday, September 5, there will be a new class geared especially for the parents of our TeamKIDers! This class will meet in the church sanctuary from 6:30-7:30pm. The first topic that will be covered is (UN)Cluttered, a 6-week course on money and time management. This is a great opportunity to connect with the parents in our community who would not typically stay for a Bible study. (UN)Cluttered can meet them where they are and also give practical help for issues faced by many families today. For those of you who prefer the older Bible study format, don’t worry! The usual Wednesday night Bible study will continue to meet in the library at 6:30pm.

Church Photo Directory pictures are Sept 10, 11, 12, from 2-9pm! If you have questions, check with Kaitlynn Overpeck. Make your appointment either with Kaitlynn on Sunday or call 1-866-756-0281. Church membership is not required to be included in the directory, so if you feel FBC Rockville is your ‘home’ church, you are welcome to participate. I’m out of space, people! I’ll see you next month! Be intentional!