WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?! Newsletter

It’s time to downshift into summer, people!  June is upon us!  Put the shovels away and change the oil in your mowers!  And sunscreen…use sunscreen…you’ll thank me later!

MOPS is H.O.T.!  So hot, they are needing more peeps to help them out this fall.  Be thinking on that, praying on that, and listening to see if God is calling you to help in this ministry.  They are starting their summer schedule with two play dates for the month of June…Wednesday, June 3, and Thursday, June 18.  Time and location will vary depending on the activity planned.  Want to know what, where, and exactly when?  Get on the horn and call Meredith Lund (592-4405) or Lainey McCrory (765-505-2610) to get the details.

Have you been attending our church and thinking maybe this is where God would have you serve Him?  Pastor Garry has just what you’re looking for!  A new membership class will be beginning on Sunday, June 7.  This class will meet from 9:30-10:20ish for four consecutive Sundays.  Learn what the Bible has to say about church membership and how each of us is needed to fulfill our role in the church body!

Guess what?  It’s been three months…Church Work Day!  WOO HOO!  WOO HOO!  (C’mon…use your excited voice, jump up and down, and read that again!)  While it would be very cool if the church would just clean itself, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way!  Ever heard of the saying, “Many hands make light work”?  Carve out just a little time in your schedule for Saturday, June 13, between 8 a.m. and noon, and be an encouragement to your brothers and sisters in Christ.  While you’re here, we can work on that self-cleaning idea…there are self-cleaning ovens, right?  Just sayin’!

Sunday, June 21, is Father’s Day.  We’d love to see you for morning worship, but after Pastor Garry says, “AMEN.”  Run home, get the grill hot, throw on your burgers, steaks, bratwursts, or anything resembling MEAT!  Then, let Dad nap (all afternoon if he likes) and don’t even wake him to ask him if he’s going to sleep ALL day.  (I’ve never done that, by the way…)  Since there will be no evening activities at church in our celebration of fathers, may I suggest an impromptu service at our local Dairy Queen?  I can think of more than a few fathers that would find that heavenly!

Be sure to check the bulletin for any information about Men’s Ministry opportunities and Church Fellowships this month.  Have a great day!