WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?! Newsletter

Everyone take a deep breath and hold it. Now blow it out.  Good job!  You have made it through Fair Week!  Give yourselves a round of applause and prepare for the next bout of crazy called Back-To-School!  Woo Hoo!  Here’s what you need to know for the month of August…

Sunday, August 7, is the day of meetings! Yippee!  The Council meeting will start off the day at 8:30am. (Please have one member of each committee present.)  The Church Business meeting will begin approx. 5 minutes after the morning service.  You’ll want to stick around to vote on the issues at hand…it will be good practice for November, people!  Deacons will be meeting after having some lunch and a nap…4:00pm.  Whew!

Saturday, August 13, is Church Work Day from 8:00am-Noon! Calm down, y’all!  I know you’re desperate to spend time with one another and work together to care for the building God has blessed us with! (please ignore that that sentence ends in a preposition…I know, it’s driving me a little crazy, too…ugh!)  Focus, now!  Come and help!  And, yes, I’m talkin’ to you!  Moving on…

Sunday, August 14, will be a Church Fellowship. Start time will be at 6:00pm and watch the bulletin for where we’ll be meeting.  Bring your signature dish(es) and prepare to WOW everyone with your clever banter.  See you there! (wherever that is!)

OK, I’m going to get this right this time…the last Kids 252 Summer Fun event will be Wednesday, August 17, from 6pm-8pm at the church. Andy and Janine are setting up a Movie Night, but that’s all they are telling at the moment…oooh, I just love a good secret! Right?  Keep an eye on the bulletin for more info…

Sunday, August 21, at 4:30pm the Missions Team will be meeting. If you are interested in joining them, I’m sure they would love the company!  Last month they made bags for the many teachers we have in our congregation.  They even made one for little old me and can I just say how big an encouragement that was?!  It was just full up with love and awesomeness!  (sniff)

Last up for the month is Thursday, August 25, at 7:00pm. The Tribute Quartet will be presenting a FREE CONCERT of Southern Gospel music right here at FBC Rockville.  So if you would like to spend your evening listening to some really great music sung by people who can really sing it…get on over here and bring somebody with you!

And I ran out of room! Can you believe it?!  People, check your bulletins for other info I may have missed…Miss Sue has got your back!