Pilot Project: Adopt a Neighborhood…

This school year, our students have decided to try something new. They are adopting a neighborhood to “Gospelize”. This is a “multiple-touch” evangelism project that is designed around building relationships in the community.

We will be doing multiple service project days, where we serve the people of the neighborhood for no cost to help them with their homes. We will also be prayer walking and doing a spiritual survey over the course of the school year. In the spring, we will be doing a block party at the park that is right next to the neighborhood, for the purpose of getting the children there pre-registered for VBS.

The response by those in the neighborhood seems to be overwhelmingly positive. This week, we dropped off a letter at each house in the 9 block area describing the service day, and that our group would be in their neighborhood several times over the next few months. It details that our group would not be seeking or taking donations, and that we just wanted to get to know those in our community. many were very thankful that we are going to do this.

There is a lot I like about this project. I like that it is more personal than knocking on a door and leaving a tract or confronting them on the doorstep. This is an intentional relational approach that fits well with a lot of the other things we are doing this year in the youth department.

The last part of this project is the interaction with other believers. This project is not about us. It is about Christ and HIS Kingdom. We came into it prepared to meet other believers in the neighborhood. Our group wants to be there as an encouragement to help that believer have the boldness to walk next door or across the street and share the Gospel. There are students from other youth groups that live in this neighborhood. We plan to welcome them to come alongside us in anything we do in their neighborhood. Not for the purpose of growing our numbers, but because we are on THEIR turf, where they live. We are only guests. We want to equip them to continue the work.

Pray for these students, that they will experience what God has planned for them, 9 Blocks at a time…

– Pastor Lacy


Welcome to First Baptist Church

We are a dynamic community of faith, hope, and love, and exist to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.  We invite you to discover God’s joy and peace in your life, and share in seeing lives changed in our community and world through biblical teaching, service, and life-changing ministries.

Sunday School Opportunities

Sunday School

There are numerous dynamic Sunday School classes ranging from newborn to Senior Adults that meet each Sunday at 9:30am.  Through the teaching of the Bible, we are challenged to personal spiritual growth and knowledge in God’s Word.  Each of our Sunday School classes are designed to meet specific needs and interests.

Spiritually Mature Parents = Spiritually Growing Teens?

In our High School Sunday School Class this week we talked a little about a phenomenon that can easily occur in the American church “culture” – misplaced reproduction. You see, the Great Commission (or THE Cause as Dare2Share calls it), directs each of us to make disciples –> we should make more of what we are. The American Church has done that well. Unfortunately, we have not made what Christ has called us to make…Maybe…

  • We’ve been called to make disciples that make more disciples, but we’ve sat in the pews, and made more people that sit in the pews.
  • We’ve been called to go into all the world to make disciples that are willing to go anywhere for the cause of Christ, but we’ve stayed in the church building and brought in more, and made more people comfortable to stay with us.

A wise pastor once said that sheep make more sheep, shepherds make more shepherds – we make more of what we are. Pastors should make more Pastors, Missionaries should make more Missionaries, Committed Church members should make more. As a Youth Pastor, I’m working on making more people that are committed to taking Christ’s message to a lost and hurting generation of teenagers.

What are you reproducing?

Come. Connect. Communicate.

Come. Connect. Communicate

At First Baptist, we seek to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by doing three things well:

  1. Encouraging those not affiliated with any church to COME see what God is doing at FBC.
  2. Helping people CONNECT with others and with God through Bible study, service, and ministry.
  3. Equipping people to COMMUNICATE the Good News of Jesus Christ into all the world, starting in our own community!